Source code for jawa.attributes.code

# -*- coding: utf8 -*-
__all__ = ('CodeAttribute', 'CodeException')

from struct import unpack, pack
from itertools import repeat
from collections import namedtuple

from jawa.attribute import Attribute, AttributeTable
from jawa.util.bytecode import (

    from cStringIO import StringIO
except ImportError:
    from StringIO import StringIO

CodeException = namedtuple('CodeException', [
    'start_pc', 'end_pc', 'handler_pc', 'catch_type'

[docs]class CodeAttribute(Attribute): """ A `CodeAttribute` contains the executable bytecode of a single method. As a quick example, lets make a "HelloWorld" class with a single method that simply returns when it's called: .. code-block:: python from jawa import ClassFile from jawa.util.bytecode import Instruction cf = ClassFile.create('HelloWorld') main = cf.methods.create( # The name of the method 'main', # The signature of the method '([Ljava/lang/String;)V', # Tell Jawa to automatically create an empty CodeAttribute for # us to use. code=True ) main.code.max_locals = 1 main.access_flags.acc_static = True main.code.assemble([ Instruction.from_mnemonic('return') ]) # Save it to disk so we can run it with the JVM. with open('HelloWorld.class', 'wb') as fout: .. note:: Not all :class:`~jawa.methods.Method` objects will have an associated `CodeAttribute` - methods that are flagged as `acc_native` or `acc_abstract` will never have one. """ def __init__(self, table, name_index=None): super(CodeAttribute, self).__init__( table, name_index or 'Code' ).index ) self._max_stack = 0 self._max_locals = 0 self._ex_table = [] self._attributes = AttributeTable(, parent=self) self._code = ''
[docs] def unpack(self, info): """ Read the CodeAttribute from the byte string `info`. .. note:: Advanced usage only. You will typically never need to call this method as it will be called for you when loading a ClassFile. :param info: A byte string containing an unparsed CodeAttribute. """ fio = StringIO(info) self._max_stack, self._max_locals, c_len = unpack('>HHI', self._code = # The exception table ex_table_len = unpack('>H',[0] self._ex_table = [] for _ in repeat(None, ex_table_len): self._ex_table.append(CodeException( *unpack('>HHHH', )) self._attributes = AttributeTable(self._cf, parent=self) self._attributes.unpack(fio) fio.close()
@property def info(self): """ The `CodeAttribute` in packed byte string form. """ fout = StringIO() fout.write(pack( '>HHI', self._max_stack, self._max_locals, len(self._code) )) fout.write(self._code) fout.write(pack('>H', len(self._ex_table))) for exception in self._ex_table: fout.write(pack('>HHHH', *exception)) self._attributes.pack(fout) return fout.getvalue() @property def max_stack(self): """The maximum size of the stack.""" return self._max_stack @max_stack.setter def max_stack(self, value): self._max_stack = value @property def max_locals(self): """The maximum number of locals.""" return self._max_locals @max_locals.setter def max_locals(self, value): self._max_locals = value @property def exception_table(self): return self._ex_table @property def code(self): return self._code @property def attributes(self): """ An :class:`~jawa.attribute.AttributeTable` containing all of the attributes associated with this `CodeAttribute`. """ return self._attributes
[docs] def assemble(self, code): """ Assembles an iterable of :class:`~jawa.util.bytecode.Instruction` objects into a method's code body. """ fout = StringIO() for ins in code: write_instruction(fout, fout.tell(), ins) self._code = fout.getvalue() fout.close()
[docs] def disassemble(self): """ Disassembles this method, yielding an iterable of :class:`~jawa.util.bytecode.Instruction` objects. """ fio = StringIO(self._code) for ins in iter(lambda: read_instruction(fio, fio.tell()), None): yield ins